Our Terms and Conditions

Our Charges

  • Registration Fee – £7.50 + vat (at prevailing rate)
    Your new domain name registered for 2 years from date of registration
  • Renewal Fee – £7.50 + vat
    Your domain name renewed for 2 years from expiry date of original registration or from expiry date of previous renewal, which ever is later
  • Maintenance and Other Items e.g. modification of domain name servers etc. – £10 + vat
  • Termination – Cancellation of your domain name, without transfer to a new registrar – Free


Important Notes

  • Renewals: We will email reminders to you when your domain name is due for renewal. Reminder emails will be sent out at intervals. The first will be sent at 30 days prior to expiry. Then at 14 days, then 7 days and finally 1 day before expiry. To renew your domain name simply reply to one of our reminder emails following the instructions contained therein. We will use the email address on the account. It is your responsibility to ensure the information we have is correct. Netreg takes no responsibility if your domain name renewal fails due to your contact details being incorrect. If you do not wish to renew your domain name please contact us a minimum of 14 days before your domain name expiry by emailing us at mycontact at netreg.co.uk (please removed spaces and substitute the @ sign for the word ‘at’).
  • Non-Renewal: If you do not renew your domain before its expiry date it will have all services we provide suspended and you will have up to 30 days (protected period) after to renew the domain name at the original renewal fee as listed above. After 30 days your domain will be suspended and will go into a 60 day grace period during which you may still renew your domain name but with an additional redemption fee of £50 +vat. This must be requested by email before the 80th day after your domain has expired. After 90 days your right of ownership of the domain will be cancelled and it will be made available for resale. Netreg will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name.
  • Contract Termination / Transfers Out: If you no longer wish to continue with your contract with Netreg then please email mycontact at netreg.co.uk (please removed spaces and substitute the @ sign for the word ‘at’) no less than 30 days before your services are due to be renewed. You account will only be deemed as terminated once all outstanding balances have been paid in full. Domains will only be considered for transfer once all balances have been settled. Netreg will not charge you for transferring your domain(s) to another registrar’s tag. You acknowledge that termination of the agreement for any reason will result in Netreg ceasing to provide the the applicable services, with the consequences that flow from such cessation, including (but not limited to), deletion of data e.g. hosting account(s) and mail boxes.
  • T&Cs for Nominet (the .UK registry) domain name registration are found here: http://www.nominet.org.uk/uk-domain-names/registering-uk-domain/legal-details/terms-and-conditions-domain-name-registration